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How Not To Run A Hotel  by Harry PopeHow Not To Run A Hotel
Basil Fawlty has reincarnated in Eastbourne as Harry Pope. He discovers that his partner has financial feet of clay, his housekeeping staff don’t know how to use a duster, and his general manager could give lessons on spying to James Bond.
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How Not To Run The Same Hotel by Harry Pope How Not To Run The Same Hotel
Harry and Pam deal with revolting staff, groups of walkers and Rotarians, and present the staff with a, ‘What Annoys Me’ list! Be with them as their dream dies, and laugh with them in adversity...
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The Brick Monster by Harry Pope The Brick Monster
Let your imagination feed on itself as a Brick Monster comes to live under the sidewalk of a seaside resort. He has anti-social eating habits, bad breath, is thrown out by his parents and at the tender age of 58 has to fend for himself.
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Hot Vegas by Harry Blue Hot Vegas
‘Soft Lips’ Prudence checks her lottery ticket in bed, and the noise she makes takes Jeff's attention away from the soccer results. They celebrate by making love, and then it’s off to Las Vegas first class for the holiday of a lifetime.....
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Hot Hits by Harry Blue Hot Hits
Roger enjoys a romp with a mature lady staying at his parents’ guest house, then another with Sue, who plays in a local seaside silver band. They frolic in the sand, on the back seat of a minibus, and in a Belgian hotel. Meanwhile....
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Harry Pope     How Not to Run a Hotel, How Not to run the Same Hotel, The Brick Monster (children’s), all under the name Harry Pope, together with Hot Vegas and Hot Hits by Harry Blue, these five are available online. However, Harry is also a travel writer, featuring so far mainly the UK, but also writing about other destinations, especially favourite locations Madeira and the USA. He and his wife Pam love their cruises, and Harry writes about these as well.

    Harry is a member of the Society of Women Writers and Journalists (no, he didn’t have to lie about his age, they admitted men as associates in 2004) so has his press card issued by them, as well. He is also a member of the International Travel Writers Alliance, writing articles for his local 20,000 print run Eastbourne ethemagazine, regular features for the 60,000 member web site www.sixtyplusurfers.co.uk, and to crown his distinguished travel writing, he started writing some time ago for www.silvertraveladvisor.co.uk, becoming a featured advisor, and they now have a very close association with Age UK, so every single travel revue that Harry writes is available to the five and a half million people who access their site annually.

    He started writing gags in the 1980s for Who Do You Do (London Weekend t.v.), also Radio 4’s Weekending, but stopped after a day job career change. Moving to the south coast in 2003, he joined his local writers’ circle, becoming competition secretary, newsletter editor, and chairman for two years.

    Harry and Pam celebrated their Ruby anniversary in 2013 (her mother said it wouldn’t last).

    He is the only person licensed by Eastbourne Borough Council to be a sight-seeing guide, with three walks during the Summer – please see www.harrythewalker.com

    He is also a blogger, have a look at www.harrytheblogger.com and you can also follow him on facebook.

Contact Harry via email at : harrythewriter@btinternet.com
You can also follow him on twitter @HarrythePope

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